Ultimate Fun

Ultimate Fun

Test your guests endurance with this package! Have them climbing,crawling and sliding max out on the fun.

Northern California $1,895.00-$2,295.00/4Hours, $2,495.00-$2,895.00/8Hours
Nevada $2,100.00-$2,500.00/4 Hours, $3,300.00-$3,700.00/8 Hours
Central California $1,600.00-2,000.00/4 Hours, $2,050.00-2,650.00/8 Hours
Contra Costa, Tri-Valley & Hollister $1,895.00-$2,295.00/4Hours, $2,495.00-$2,895.00/8Hours
Southern California $1,600.00-2,000.00/4 Hours, $2,050.00-2,650.00/8 Hours

Your Package Includes:
Your choice of 1 of the following:
32' Obstacle Course
45' Obstacle Course
47' Obstacle Course
49' Obstacle Course
Toddler Obstacle
3 n 1 Sports
Kids Zone
25' Obstacle Course
53' Extreme Paradise wet/dry
Jungle Toddler Obstacle
Crayonland Toddler
52' Obstacle Course
58' Obstacle Course
10 N 1 Obstacle Course
Toddler Town
40' Wet/Dry Obstacle Course
Hot Air Balloon Toddler Obstacle

Your choice of 1 of the following:
Human Bowling
Bull Ride
Surf Rider
Rock Mountain

Your choice of 3 of the following:
Speed Pitch
Cash Cube
Basketball Toss
Boxing Ring
Bungee Run
First Down
Sumo Suits w/Mat
Velcro Wall
Baseball Swing
Air Ball Shot
First & Goal
Shooting Gallery

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