two kids inside inflated playground smiling

Enjoy Fun Party Activities and Tasty Food

Monthly Special


inflated play castle

We have over 22 bounce houses to select from for all ages.

inflated play castle 3

33+ styles of combination bounce houses available to enjoy.

colorful inflated slide

Smooth and safe slides. We have all types of slides to choose from.

inflated wet slide

Water slides make having fun cool on hot days. We have a wide selection.

colorful two way slip and slide

Wet fun for everyone! Your guests would love to cool off with these items!


Challenge your guests with one of our many obstacles. Lots of fun!

inflated carnival game

Want a carnival atmosphere? Make your event spectacular and fun!

Banner Bounce

Here are our banners that can be combo'd with our Bounce Houses & Bounce Combos


Please keep in mind when renting the Eliminator this attraction will need workers as well. Prices may very depending on how long it is rented

Big Fun Mobile Attractions

Here we have our larger mobile attractions!


Ensure that when making the reservation you make it clear which bull you want or if you want the Surf Rider instead. Also keep in mind these two attractions will need workers as well. Prices will vary depending on how long the workers are needed.

A Trackless Train ride

Trains come in two cart or three carts, this ride will also need a worker. Prices may very depending on how many hours it is rented.

A Bungee Race game

There are two teams of two on either side. Both sides will have a basket with an equal amount of balls in them. When the game starts, the four players grab one ball each from the basket and try to get to the hole in the middle wall. They throw the ball through the hole and go back to do the same thing. The side that gets all their balls onto the other side first, wins.


Bring that carnival feel to your next party! From cotton candy to tables—we can set you up! All of the concession rentals are completely cleaned and sanitized after every use. We supply the machines while your guests enjoy the food and fun.

cotton candy maching

Sweet delight! We provide the floss and cones for this fluffy treat!

snow cone machine

You bring the ice, we provide the cones and flavors!

popcorn machine

We provide everything —the machine, popcorn, and bags

hotdog steamer cooker

Get your hot dogs and buns steamed! We provide the machine.

nacho cheese dispenser

Who doesn`t like warm cheese and nachos?

margarita dispenser

Bring on the tropical taste with a margarita machine for your party!




Rental Info

We recommend that you make the reservation as soon as possible. Reservations are usually made within 3-4 weeks before the party.
We have a huge inventory to select from. Everything is done on a first-come-first-served basis, and our items get booked fast!

Rain or shine, we will deliver to you! Our staff is fully trained. Our staff will work hard to make sure your unit is delivered and set up promptly and efficiently so you can have a stress-free experience when renting from us!

Bouncin Bins has a 50% cancellation policy.

If you are to cancel any time after placing the reservation, we will charge the card you have placed on file 50% off the total. However, if it rains or the weather does not permit you to proceed, you are more than welcome to cancel or reschedule without any charge.